Dec 21, 2019

Happy Solstice Day.. in other words Winter is Here.

Pharma companies in vet medicine supported many continuing education programs, thus making the obligation to keep up with the times much more possible. I never felt the need to change my tactics in medicine because of it, yet I know the line was there.  This is a touchy subject, but needs considering in my opinion.  MD’s should be motivated first by the need to improve the health of their patients.  How to properly do that? I do not have a good answer.

But try this on for size:  MD prescriptions vs payments now definitely linked. Hopefully just brand name vs generic.  From the article:  “For the first time, we could map a widespread pattern: Doctors who received payments from the pharmaceutical industry prescribed drugs differently than their colleagues who didn’t. And the more money those doctors received, on average, the more brand-name medications they prescribed.”

“Fresques’ analysis did not look at whether the pharma payments caused doctors to prescribe more of a drug. And indeed, both companies and doctors defend their work together, saying they are providing information so that physicians can make better choices for patients.”