Dec 22, 2019

Science Confirms That the Vagus Nerve Is Key to Well-being

Intriguing article which hints at the role of this nerve in overall health. I know it can slow hearts in strange ways.  What else does it do?

and the food log:

12/15/19 185.4 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel/Collagen lamb pork rinds
12/16/19 185.4 Village salad gyro meat ribs
12/17/19 187.2 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel crème brulee steak
12/18/19 187.2 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel steak shrimp beef green beans broccoli
12/19/19 187 omelet bacon ham cheese bacon
12/20/19 185.6 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel ham GF mayo hamburger sour cream
12/21/19 187.4 omelet bacon sardines GF mayo steak

Did a hex bar dead lift 260×2. Followed with actual jog with heart rate staying in normal range.