Dec 23, 2019

Psychology Today article on two people with mental issues who went on a ketogenic diet to lose weight – and the mental issues improved dramatically.

And L. Amber O’Hearn, a data scientist, starts her book  on her trip away from vegetarianism to carnivore.  Many links on her page about her own background.

This quote from her book rather eloquently expresses something I have felt for a  long time: “More to the point though, correcting an imbalance with a drug without addressing the cause of the imbalance is asking for trouble. You see if the body is biochemically creating a certain signature biomarker profile, for example high levels of blood sugar, or low levels of serotonin in the synapse, and then you interfere with that from the outside by adding insulin in the one case, or inhibiting re-uptake in the second case, the body is simply going to fight to adjust. This is the primary problem of clinical medicine today.”