Dec 26, 2019

Once more for good measure, sounds so familiar:

From Twitter
dr roth ⓀⒸ @mrc314
Replying to @MattJacques

“Please let us know who funds the ADA and AHA (the cornerstone of your vegan is healthy plan). You’ll find food and pharma behind it. Big broccoli sounds great, but it’s part of the ruse. Here, I’ll help you:”HiCarbPromote


And, for the climate crowd:   Here is a list of predictions by Climate Change advocates since the 70’s … success rate 0%

Why should we believe in their religion? Much less send money to the government to implement it?  Imagine

PS: The environment does need help, plastic and other garbage are issues.
And: The climate is changing, we need better answers than the tired old CO2 line of garbage.

What Climate Scientists have known… from a statistician with an interest in and understanding of climate.