Dec 29, 2019

Happy Birthday to my brother.

The low carb high fat portion of the diet is becoming redundant. Carnivore may or may not be the answer but cutting inflammatory foods is for sure.  That leaves room for many vegetables and eliminates soy especially and grains in general.  A new contributor in my information quest comes at it from an evolutionary twist.  Darwinian medicine has thoughts on evolutionary psychology also. A lot of which seems logical.

On the other hand, I think CO2 based AGW is just out there.  A hot area in the ocean is caused by climate change driven winds (the area is as big as Texas). CNN reports. No consideration given to underwater volcanic activity.  Just frankly seems religiously brain dead to me.  The climate varies. CO2 is not the cause. No matter the “denier” accusations coming from the fervent believers. And scientists do not vote, they experiment.  AGW activists have gotten 49 straight predictions wrong.  Maybe something else is happening.

For the record: the climate is changing and trash in the environment is a problem.