Jan 17, 2020

Ms Teichholz always has information to add:

“Glucose increasingly implicated in Alzheimer’s disease. Glucose comes from sugars, added or not. Also, all grains and even fruit turn to sugar in your blood.”  JAMA news article.


“The data on saturated fats shows, conclusively: these fats have no effect on heart disease and should not be feared. Most recent review looks at 19 meta-analyses. All review papers listed here.” @USDA  needs to catch up with this most current data”

“Idea that sat fat causes heart disease was a hypothesis that was tested but could not be shown to be true. And there is harm from switching to’ vegetable oils’ bc these are shown in trials to cause cancer. This, stick with sat fats. They are better option! Full story in my book”

—>Conclusion: Saturated fats of any kind have no effect on cardiovascular or total mortality.