Jan 19, 2020

The Greek yogurt I have been eating is Cabot brand, which tastes good and has a high fat content. And in the stores, it is difficult to find full fat plain yogurt.  Yesterday, I saw Chobani brand plain yogurt and looked the ingredients. It says “whole milk, skim milk + cream”, but had no other items listed.  The ingredient list for Cabot includes “milk, cream, whey protein and milk protein”. The Cabot fat % is higher; however, I decided to try the Chobani, since it has a lower carbohydrate % and it seems more the way nature (and earlier farmers) intended.  What I am also hoping for is less milk-reactive proteins.  Once more, we will see.  Among other things, will the Chobani be available next week?

This article by Dr Georgia Ede to whom I have referred previously (a lot) discusses the role of insulin in what she calls “garden variety Alhzeimer’s”.  One interesting point she makes is the role of several “co-mobidity diseases” – aging, hypertension, obesity, sleep apnea, head trauma, and depression” – in promoting neurodegeneration.  Summary article.  Ain’t I fun today?  The bottom line is to control the inflammation.

Did my new “Body by Science” workout, week 2 plus a short sprint – a little further than last week.  The workout was good, but no way to measure improvement.  Working on that.  The measure is duration, which is hard to do without help.  When I ran, my Samsung Active2 Watch did not pick up the heart rate above 80 and I messed up the stopwatch timer, but I ran about 10 yards further than last week. It hurt.