Jan 26, 2020

Elected to do leg day rather than complete body. Just hated the no exercise for a week.  Dr. McGuff has a split he uses to avoid overdoing with his emergency medical practice.

At the end of the short workout, I was shaking, so I feel good about doing something. Time will tell.  I think it made my “run” shorter and slower.  And again my new-ish Galaxy Watch Active2 did not pick up my heart rate.  Note the exercises have time rather than reps, and I do the reps fairly slowly.

Dead lift – hex bar 145 75 sec
Shrug 145 35 sec
Squat Simulator 145 40 sec
Toe Raise 145 40 sec
Leg Curl Machine 60 30 sec
Hip Extension Machine 60 40 sec
Reverse Curl stack 30 55 sec
Run 5.6 mph 59 sec

I used a stopwatch timer today rather than a count down timer. It seems better, but still cannot be totally accurate.

Note that Mike Mentzer who came close to winning a Mr Olympia title, advocated short workouts with time to recuperate. He had several books.  See Amazon.com the Mike Mentzer site.