Feb 7, 2020

I keep working to get a foundation for nutrition, exercise and even seeing society and politics.  A web site – Darwinian Medicine – to me has some foundations and insights.

This discussion  from the site talks about shortcomings in Western medicine. It is not a condemnation, just a look at some things – which people are talking about now. The one (of ten) headers below is just and example. Shortish, but very informative page.

This is one I see being examined in the context of sports injuries, but not so much disease.  To be fair, this was discussed in Vet School 45 years ago.

7. It fails to acknowledge that many manifestations and symptoms of illness (e.g., fever) are bodily defenses shaped by evolution and that blocking these defenses (e.g., via a drug) in many instances do more harm than good.