Feb 10, 2020

Getting some insight into Triglyceride/ HDL ratios:

……………HDL HDL Cholesterol – so you have a ratio.

“High TG:HDL, especially >3, indicates significant risk of heart attack and stroke. I realize that high cholesterol, especially LDL, gets most of the press, and this is due primarily to the interest in pharmaceutical industry interests hard-selling the cholesterol story. The research and relevance about the TG:HDL ratio is detailed further below if you like reading about research.”  from: this publication.

And:  Another study: “High triglycerides alone increased the risk of heart attack nearly three-fold.

And people with the highest ratio of triglycerides to HDL — the “good” cholesterol — had 16 times the risk of heart attack as those with the lowest ratio of triglycerides to HDL in the study of 340 heart attack patients and 340 of their healthy, same age counterparts.

The citation stated, the ratio of triglycerides to HDL was the strongest predictor of a heart attack, even more accurate than the LDL/HDL ratio.   http://www.clinical-rounds.com/trigly.html