Feb 13, 2020

The science is coming out:

Super interesting, but very dense (discusses the Krebs Cycle), article about how PUFAs act as super-carbs and thus contribute to obesity. So they lower cholesterol but make you fat and insulin resistant.

Authors point out it is a hypothesis, but fits with the facts of the current (since the 80’s) obesity trend.


An extra jog today, just wanted to move: 1.56 miles 30:00 min  —  max pace:   7.5 MPH

An interesting email from an RD who believes in sustainable agriculture:

“The Privilege of Veganism


Did you get a chance to watch the Oscars on Sunday?

In a speech that nearly broke the Internet, Joaquin Phoenix accepted his Oscar award for Lead Actor using powerful, heart-wrenching, and… showed a complete lack of understanding about how the world actually works.

He told the us to go vegan and said that the life of a scallop is worth the same as the life of a human.

Many people across the world don’t have the privlidge to push away nutritious food.

Most of our agricultural land cannot be cropped, and is only suited for grazing animals.

We know when malnourished kids have more meat, we see less stunting and better academic outcomes.

There are also many places in the world where women cannot own land but can own livestock.

I have no issue if someone wants to be vegan, but as a mother and dietitian, I have serious concerns when we take nutritious food away from people, especially kids.

A child is worth more than a scallop.

Instead of pushing a global anti-meat agenda, I suggest we all advocate for Food Sovereignty. People should have the right to make their own food choices based on their culture and what the local agricultural system can support.

As a practitioner, I would never say “eat organic vegetables or don’t eat them at all.” This would be unethical. I feel the same way about animal-based products. If you have the ability to buy grass-fed beef, please support these farmers, but this doesn’t mean that those who can’t access it should never eat meat. This just means our system is broken and needs to be fixed.

Eliminating animals from our food system doesn’t fix the system.

But digging deeper to find real, regenerative solutions can.

Thank you for your support in helping to reeducate folks and build a new system for healthy people and a healthy planet.