Feb 27, 2020

Science day:

from Twitter:

1-  Ken D Berry MD @KenDBerryMD

“Morphine is habit-forming, right? Fits into & activates the mu-receptor right?
Wheat & Milk are habit-forming as well. They contain peptides which fit into and activate the mu-receptor!
Might explain some comfort-foods…”


Scott’s observation:  This is what I am seeing from my following the evolution of diet advice. A couple of years ago, things were suspected, then a year ago statistically demonstrated and this year, more and more mechanisms are being proved. Not just what, but why!!

2-  Dr Maryanne Demasi, PhD   @MaryanneDemasi

2020 study; Statins for primary prevention – Obtaining trial data from drug regulators was complex & time consuming. Our most troubling discovery was that many EU countries which had licensed statins did not have the trial data in their possession ebm.bmj.com/content/early/