Mar 15, 2020

today’s workout, did not “get into it” even after talking with 2 people I see regularly. forgot to do my reverse curls. The jog was interesting in that my heart rate went over 200 in the first mile, but gradually settled, and I felt better during the second mile. I actually saw 104 late in the run.. go figure. here it is: laugh and enjoy …  I am feeling the hitting of golf balls. that is more exercise than I thought.

Dead lift 165 47 s
Shrug 145 45 s
Squat 110 5 reps
Squat Machine 185 47 s
Toe Raise 235 35 s
Leg Curl Machine 65 36 s
Hip Extension Machine 85 60 s
Rev Curl stack 0
Run 2.36 00:43:11