May 3, 2020

As a careful reader would note, I have been eating “keto” bars, which unbelievably add sugar.  Bought them for my wife’s borderline low sugar episodes as she has modified her diet and maintained her diabetic meds. Trying to get a physician to help her decrease them is proving problematic.   Note that I have gained a little weight with them (other causes?) and I note that I am having a little skin inflammation, which I am pretty sure is from the chocolate.

We are all eager to get the gym open as we have loaded the Total Gym with all my remaining weights and it is not enough.  We are walking and/ or slo-jogging nearly every day.

She also has been listening to the book “Lifespan”, by Harvard PhD David Sinclair (genetics).  He is forthright about his business leanings.   I have bought the summary version, which advertises that it eliminates the repetitive stories and just presents the information.  (Website here)  Sinclair does talk about our old friend mTOR and also Sirtuins, which regulate DNA repair.   He also points out the Insulin levels are a great (inverse) predictor of longevity.  Then he goes on to praise Metformin as a life extending drug – because it lowers blood glucose.  Seems as if there might be other, less profitable, ways to approach that.