May 4, 2020

Finishing up “Lifespan” showed little new information.  He points out that man has been modifying crops from early times, we are just faster at it today. Except for the Glyphosate issue, it is hard to argue.  He advocates small amounts of meat, Metformin, cold and periodic fasting.  Note that he is tacitly admitting that carbs are bad for you.

And here from the Carnivore Aurelius guy, from an email.  Along with this link to an article about testosterone.

“Your body is a solar panel that transforms the sun into energy, vitamin D, testosterone and longevity.

New study on Vitamin D & COVID. Mild cases average vitamin D level: 31.2. Severe cases level: 21.2. Critical cases level 17.1 Vitamin D significantly correlated to COVID-19 severity.”

Low carb diets significantly increase testosterone vs Standard American diet. This is the ultimate cheat code for muscle growth.

Early morning sunlight is the best mood and cognitive enhancer in the world.

Mainstream belief: High cholesterol leads to heart disease. Truth: When you eat inflammatory foods, your body increases cholesterol production to help you heal. It’s not the cholesterol CAUSING the atherosclerosis. The cholesterol is there to HELP.

Fat mass is nature’s hormone replacement therapy. The fatter you are, the more your body will convert testosterone into estrogen.”