May 15, 2020

I am (semi) famous.  Brief article which included me, about lifting for older people.  And he has a page about lifting for people starting out.  Cannot argue with “Never too old to Lift” !!

Jogged some yesterday and finally hit the gym for some Dead Lifts (only up to 205) and squats – 95×8. The safety machines in the new gym are terrible, so may need to either do more real squats or the leg press machine, which just seems silly. However, I feel so much better today from the efforts.

For your consideration: a longish discussion of plant based diets, where the ideas come from and how the “science” may be influenced by $$$ …

“All vegetable research is conducted through a lens of delusional optimism and positivity. Any beneficial trait of a plant compound is studied in isolation, with potential side effects not even being considered. You won’t find many articles on the downsides, and many compounds have yet to be studied, because researchers aren’t even looking. We have to understand that these compounds are drugs. Like any drug, they come with a host of side effects. “

This illustration just seems to fit with the above. Been saving it:Inflammation

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