May 20, 2020

Feels like I am stuttering when I write the date….

I am enjoying the carnivore diet – with some modification.  But looking for more answers and answers which fit evolution and societal background.  I know most Asians cannot digest milk after reaching adulthood, yet the Masai live on cows only, including their milk. Some very northern cultures eat only meat, yet do not get ketotic. Europeans eat fermented milk, called cheese.  What other culture does?  There are primitive cultures which eat large amounts of fibrous vegetables. So what is valid?

In turn, I see articles (grandchildren laugh here) which talk about the effect of diet on genetics via epigenetics.   So I am tending to read more from , and recently found “Deep Nutrition” a book by Dr Catherine Shanahan, MD.  She came into medicine via athletics and wondering why she did not heal, and thus studied graduate level biochemistry (Cornell U) before medical school.  Her Website She claims to be going into nutrition from the point of view of societal understanding of what works and does not, and thus is what humans thrive upon.  Her Basics, which she calls “Pillars of World Cusine” are in this picture from the book.

Possibly related tweet by  Valeria, RD, MPH     @RDValerie

“Many wrongfully believe you can out-exercise a bad diet/ eat whatever you want as long as you exercise. While you may burn off the caloric energy you ate, you cannot reverse the inflammatory damage that accumulates with excessive sugar, seed oils, and other garbage ingredients.”