May 21, 2020

Yesterday, slo-jogged and walked 2.02 miles, the first mile in 17:09.  Chest day today, but later. Now it is later:

Plates Chest Machine 110 8 Dips 85 10 Deltoid Machine 65 8 Press Machine 55 8
Bench Press 170 1 Tricep Machine 80 8

Deep Nutrition book:

Chapter 1: basically asserts that we are less healthy than our ancestors, because of diet. We have ignored tradition and sacrificed flavor and nutrition. This in turn changes our genetic expression through Epignetics.

Ch 2: Good genes make us healthy, strong, and ATTRACTIVE. That is how others knew you were healthy and thus possibly a good mate. (RSR: that is why fat people are not pretty, in spite of “body acceptance.”) They still know.  Dr. Shanahan asserts that if you give your body the nutrition it needs, it will positively affect your genes, and those passed to your children.

Ch 3: Dr Shanahan asserts that traditional cultures were much more aware of nutrition and its effects on people. She talks about Dr. Weston Price, a dentist who in the 30’s traveled the world to see if people in other cultures had dental caries and mouth deformations the way we do.  He discovered that most native cultures on their traditional diets had NO caries, NO mouth deformities and were strikingly big and beautiful.

Bottom line after first 1/6 of the book: diet affects your genes and health thru epigenetics.  This ties with other sources talking about mTor and even more Sirtuin.

My quick summary of epigenetics:  You have a gene which says “grow thick, longer bones”.  Then a controller gene which turns that gene on IF you have enough calcium and D3 in your system. Thus no calcium or D3 then your gene to grow the bone never gets activated, rendering you smaller or more frail. Suspect the bone itself sends out signals saying it needs help growing if it is used. (my thought)