May 22, 2020

Today was “back day” – pull downs and rowing along with delta pulls and curls. No world records in these, but am increasing the amounts and reps.  Also walked 1.4 miles, pace over 3 MPH, so things are improving however slowly.

“Deep Nutrition” Ch #4. Dr Shanahan talks about symmetry including the infamous Fibonacci ratio in humans and elaborates on her idea that the genes are there for all of us, even if the epigenetics covers it.  In Ch #5, she discussed siblings and the tremendous drain on the mother in a pregnancy, which she asserts causes first children to be bigger, stronger, smarter and more attractive. In one of the chapters she talks about trying to get a veteran researcher to help her prove (or disprove) her beliefs.  She relates a story in which basically the researcher says he is making too much money proving that fruit is good for you (paid by a fruit company) — even though he knows too much fruit elevates triglycerides, so is NOT good for you.

Wait till you read page 425 of the book.