Jun 29, 2020

Try to make a post on Facebook with ZeroCarbHealth.com in it. The site posts good information.  But with Facebook and other sources closing references down, how much other misleading or false information is out there???

Where does one find valid information?  Makes me wonder about diet, Wuhan virus, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, exercise, BLM, Antifa, and whatever else is being discussed. Also rings true with health care, especially given this post thread from Twitter:

“Aaron Mitchell
May 24
Replying to
What do I mean, specifically?
I’m referring to the “open secrets” of oncology, which we take for granted but which many people (in my experience) find appalling:

The first of these is chemo “buy and bill” reimbursement, which means that we make more $$$ for treating vs not treating, and for using more expensive drugs vs cheaper alternatives.

The second is the pervasive industry COI. In particular, that an oncologist receiving tens of thousands of $$$ from company X can simultaneously run the clinical trial of company X’s drug, and then later write the clinical practice guidelines that recommend this drug’s use.

(Note that neither of these practices is specific to oncology, just very common here)

To anyone who wants more context, further resources below.
On chemo billing: “

On industry money to trialists and guideline authors: