Jul 17, 2020

today’s workout,

Squat 45-165 5-5 Leg Ext Machine 65 12 Dead lift 265 5 Toe Raise 310 10
Leg Curl Machine 35-40-45 5-5-5 Hip Extension Machine 115 45 s

2:00 PM: It is about 94 F. out.  I decided a good day, since it is leg day, to jog and get 3 miles done. It was certainly slo-jogging, but I did it. To keep cool, I was shirtless the first mile, then wet my shirt with ice water each lap thereafter.  11 laps total. At the end I still had no water intake, and actually did not want any.  For the scientists in the group: my urine output was normal and not dark colored.   I did this on an asphalt track – and yes my feet were hot.