Aug 7, 2020

How does one find the truth?

Here is an example of the news: Image may contain: text that says 'NEW POLL ASKED AMERICANS HOW MANY PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRY HAVE HAD COVID-19 OR DIED FROM IT THEIR ANSWER: 20% of Americans have had it 9% Americans have died from REALITY: 1% of Americans have had it Map Visualization: dot= 100,000 people 0.04% of Americans ricans have died from Unbiased America'

And here is what is happening in NYC where they are checking people who try to enter:


Here is a tweet on Coca Cola trying to influence things:

Brian Sanders  @FoodLiesOrg
“How many more of these will be exposed before we realize we’re fighting an almost impossible battle? Our food systems are firmly in place and the ‘powers that be’ will keep it that way Sometimes it seems like all you can do is keep yourself healthy .” Cambridge Study Image


or try this about Wuhan virus treatments “Such reporting about early treatment is typically absent from mainstream media coverage, so this coverage needs to be celebrated. The pictures are also remarkable.”

Sky News report on Turkey vs other Wuhan treatments.