Aug 10, 2020

Blanket statement: modern lipid theory, which claims animal fat is harmful, is wrong, dead wrong for some people!  And Cholesterol does not cause clogged arteries; it is part of your body’s attempt to repair the harm caused by: smoking, insulin, carbs, PUFAs. Physiologists write about the mechanisms, why don’t MD’s and dietitians learn?

Food for thought, PUFA’s are killing us:

Today’s workout, note I got back to 300 lb deadlift.

Squat 50-60-70 5-5-5 Leg Ext Machine 75-80-85 5-5-5 Dead lift 300 1 Toe Raise 330 10
Leg Curl Machine 50-55-60 5-5-5 Hip Extension Machine 115 45 s Squat Machine 315-145 5-5