Aug 19, 2020

Today’s workout: trying new routine, based on Mike Mentzer:

Bench Press 135 6 Hammer Incline Press Machine 140 6-4 Pulldown 120 6
Hammer Chest Machine 160 – decrease weight to get it done 6- – St Arm Lat Pulldown 50 8 Deadlift 135 185 205 6-2-8


From Psychology Today:

“Our brains are extremely rich in fat. About two-thirds of the human brain is fat, and a full 20 percent of that fat is a very special omega-3 fatty acid called docosahexanoic acid, or DHA.”

“DHA plays a “unique and indispensable role” in the “neural signaling essential for higher intelligence.” —Simon Dyall PhD, Lipid Research Scientist Bournemouth University, UK”

PS: DHA is only found in meat.


The whole article by Dr. Georgia Ede.