Aug 29, 2020

Bench Press140-145-1505-5-5Hammer Incline Press Machine1403-3Hammer Weight Pulldown125-130-1355-5-5
Hammer Chest Machine1606=3=3St Arm Lat Pulldown708Deadlift135-185-225-2456-3-3-2

Role of ketogenic diet in cellular immunity, you know for the flu and cold viruses, like the Wuhan…

statins: David Diamond @LDLSkeptic “Statin exposure can produce a necrotizing autoimmune response. What to do? Don’t stop statin treatment. Instead, put the patient on an immunosuppressant to block the statin adverse effect .. what a world – take 1 med to block another’s side effects”

See this link about statins cause immune responses:

the month:

AugLast MonthEnd Year 2019End Year 2018Start – Jan 2018Best Efforts2020 Best
Resting Heart Rate5552545059
Bench Press185180×2180115195195190
Dead Lift300295265×2315205315300
Longest Jog1.8 mi 37:003.01 mi 60:241.97 mi 36:494.54 mi 1:11:142.11 mi 50:504.54 mi 1:11:142.54 mi 43:43
Mile Run (Jog?)17:3515:5318:2213:0218:3913:0215:53