Oct 12, 2020

My political thoughts in a nutshell: “Ask yourself. Do I really want the country run by the same party that runs New York, California, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and Chicago?

And why don’t I think government programs achieve their goals?

  • “Free” government medical care:
  • Wife went to physician today for regular follow up.
  • No labs done.
  • No PE done.
  • Could not run an A1C as Medicare only pays for 1 every six months.
  • Will not pay for Continuous Glucose Meter since she is not on insulin. A1C below 7 is OK – even though normal is below 5. (So most people have abnormal numbers, so it is ok for her to have abnormal numbers?)
  • Pushed her to lower cholesterol in spite of the FACT that lower cholesterol correlates with shorter lifespan. (Several studies)
  • Is this health care or are we making the medical companies rich?

None are so blind as those who do not want to see.