Oct 20, 2020

Notice all the “disbelievers” are physicians who do NOT work for the government. hmmmmmm

Is science going to win? “Belgium Health Experts Demand Investigation Of WHO For Faking Coronavirus Pandemic” https://greatgameindia.com/belgium-who-investigation-coronavirus/

From a series of tweets: James Todaro, MD@JamesTodaroMD“11/ With an understanding of T cell immunity, it makes sense that the elderly are more affected by COVID-19. It is well known that persons in advanced age and/or who are immunocompromised lose T cells.

14/ It is likely that many of the hardest hit regions of the world (e.g. Lombardy, NYC, Madrid, London, Stockholm) are now at herd immunity. Lockdowns & mask ordinances (mostly coming after the peak) likely had little effect, with the exception of perhaps prolonging the spread.

15/ Sweden is an example of what herd immunity looks like without lockdowns or masks. Based on serology testing, ~20% of Stockholm was infected by April. Deaths peaked in Sweden in April. Today, the pandemic is over in Sweden with zero deaths per day & subsiding new infections”