Oct 21, 2020

The best description of masks, what they do and how they work I have seen yet. Very thorough and very consistent with my understanding of biology and health. https://www.aier.org/article/the-year-of-disguises/

A quote or two: “Stopping humans from being human will not stop the virus from being a virus!  

(5) The “Mask Mandate” idea is a truly ridiculous, knee-jerk reaction and needs to be withdrawn and thrown in the waste bin of disastrous policy, along with lockdowns and school closures. You can vote for a person without blindly supporting all of their proposals!

(6) There may be other health risks associated with continued use of face coverings.

Bench Press 195 5-1-1 Bench Machine 200 6 Hammer Incline Press Machine 140 4

Did a different workout. Maxed and then did reps to failure at lower weights.  This ties my best lift for the last 3 years and is my best lift this year.