Oct 24, 2020

let’s go back to nutrition and our old friend, statins vs cholesterol. Hint statins can cause cognitive problems.

Dr Georgia Ede comments on Cholesterol, statins and your brain: https://www.psychologytoday.com/…/low-brain-cholesterol..

Some have noted how much inflammation is connected to diseases we have … Note that all the ads which say “test for TB, or cancer has occurred, etc” are promoting drugs which suppress the immune system. They are treating inflammation, not the source. So Dr. Noakes comments become relevant:

Tim Noakes@ProfTimNoakes “Imagine if they began to address cause of inflammation rather than simply trying to medicate it. I’d suggest diet that reduces size of insulin-resistant, over-fat visceral adipose cells and ectopic fat in liver, pancreas and muscles. Good start is diet to reverse hyperinsulinemia” and then this article: https://www.healio.com/news/cardiology/20201023/inflammatory-hypothesis-bolstered-by-recent-trials

Today’s workout, followed by 1.5 mile walk/ jog.

Squat 100-110-120 5-5-5 Squat Machine 225-295 5-5 Toe Raise 345 10