Oct 28, 2020

There Is No Human Requirement for Dietary Fiber or Carbohydrate .. “Bearing on this issue, a recent meta-analysis of clinical trials found that diets high in whole grains, compared with control diets, had no overall effect on measures of body fatness; among the trials with “unhealthy individuals” (having diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or overweight/obesity), whole-grain consumption increased BMI (49).” From the Journal of Nutrition: https://academic.oup.com/jn/article/150/6/1354/5673196#204358146

Bench press topped at 185:

Bench135 x 3
Bench145 x 2
Bench165 x 1
Bench185 x 1 … x 1
Bench165 x 2
Bench155 x 3
Machine Bench210 x 2
Hammer Incline Press140 x 4 … x 2
Bench135 x 6