Nov 2, 2020

Milton Friedman in an old interview: “Is it really true somehow that political self-interest is nobler than economic self interest?”

Got a question on couple of things this week, thanks.

  1. Excess protein harmful: see Dr Ken Berry Several minutes, but basically, he asserts “no”. Most things I have read assert there is a long term percentage cap (40%). The assertion is that we are designed to run on ingested fat. There is an intermitant discussion on Twitter over whether Ketosis is needed or most humans just burn fat, when properly fed.
  2. Chronic Disease Diet: fits with the major assertions of my blog: soy (and veggie oils) is a killer, carbs are harmful.
  3. The assertion that exercise is necessary for health including bone strength, etc: This assertion does not require one to be a marathoner or body builder.
  4. Global Warming: While I am a skeptic, there is major evidence that climate variation (AKA “Change”) has caused major disruption in the past. And I keep coming back to the fact that Astronomers predict planet temperatures based on the local star’s output and the size of the atmosphere. Global Warming and Cooling happen. The question is man’s input.