Nov 4, 2020

The book “Sacred Cow” was great, outlining why many things I have come to believe are true.  Now there is a movie which can be seen for free.  Sign up here:


To be clear: The “Chronic Disease Diet” which Dr. Berry presented (Oct 31 post) CAUSES Chronic Disease. It does not fix anything.


Another look at how high insulin is unhealthy – even though your blood sugar may be normal:

P.D. Mangan pushes a science based health and fitness website. He communicated this:

“A recent study produced a mathematical model to understand how much insulin resistance contributes to cardiovascular risk[i]​
The verdict is astonishing:
They calculated that in “young adults, preventing insulin resistance would prevent ∼42% of myocardial infarctions.”.
Their order of importance for causes of coronary artery disease was:
Insulin resistance
High blood pressure
HDL cholesterol
BMI (obesity)
LDL cholesterol (which statins treat)
Fasting glucose
Family history.
This is at a population level, meaning the factors that apply to the entire population, not each individual.
This is certainly not something you hear every day, don’t you think?”

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