Dec 17, 2020

I would love comments and feedback on this email. “C.A.” advocates an all meat diet, along with Stocism. This angle kind of surprised me, though I have been wondering about the role of the mind since reading Psycho-Cybernetics in the 60’s or 70’s. This track along with Evolution, including the evolution of the brain, seems to me to be a prime driver in basic human development.

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Good morning,This is one of the main things that’s changed my life in the last couple years.And surprise surprise, it’s not beef liver…It’s how to rewire your brain and manifest anything you want in life.This may sound a bit woo woo…But stick with me.You will be a different person on the other side.Let’s dig inFeeling stuck? Change starts with changing your consciousness.How can you get anything you want in life? Your beliefs.But this isn’t just positive mindset in the traditional sense.Merely thinking positive thoughts will DO nothing and can even do harm.Why?Because your subconscious runs the show. Your positive affirmations are too superficial and can’t actually change your behavior.Before I get too woo woo, let me explain a bit moreKey Point 1: You are ALREADY manifesting. Everything you’ve gotten in your life started with a thought.That thought turns into a picture.That picture changes your brain circuitry and habitsBut where did those thoughts come from?You didn’t consciously create them.They all stem from your SUBCONSCIOUS. But you’re only aware of them once they arise.95% of your life is run by your subconscious thoughtsThe problem is that you didn’t define your subconscious beliefs.Where did they come from?The first 7 years of your life your brain is in theta wave modeThis primes your brain to be hypnotized and download programs from your external environmentIt’s how you learn to walk, eat, and behave so quickly. The matrix is a documentary.The subconscious that runs your life is a product of everything you downloaded from 0 – 7 years oldYou are literally programmed like a computerHow do you know what your subconscious beliefs are?Look at your life. Your life is a printout of these beliefs.You know how some things come super easy to some people — like making money — but feel impossible to others?This is because of their subconscious beliefsThe book Rich Dad Poor Dad discusses this.People who grow up rich tend to become richer because they believe in ABUNDANCE.Opportunities fall into their lap.But really its because their subconscious directs them towards and welcomes those opportunitiesYour conscious mind is a coherence machine. It likes consistencyIt will produce thoughts and direct you towards whatever your subconscious holds.If you subconsciously believe you don’t deserve to be rich, you will never become rich. Limiting beliefs about how hard it is to make money will prevent you from creating what you need to make money.It will cause your mind to turn down things because they’re “too risky” or “will never pan out”The problem is that most people’s subconscious is riddled with absolute TRASH.70% of your subconscious beliefs are NEGATIVE and LIMITINGRight now try thinking and visualizing something positive. “I will be incredibly rich” “Everything comes easy for me”Listen to all the negative criticism that comes up. Feel it in your body. Those are your subconscious limiting beliefs holding you backThey sabotage what you really desire.“I cant be rich because I’m not smart enough”“I’ll never find a loving partner because I don’t deserve it”“I’ll never be healthy because my parents were not”You’ve just lost your free will to subconscious programs. When people fail they think its because of the outside world. But it’s really because of their beliefs. Thoughts and emotions are the most powerful tools in the world.They have the power to create anything you want in life.Don’t believe me? According to studies the placebo effect accounts for almost 33% of all the positive health results.This is f**king crazyFake pills can cure you because it changes your thoughts and beliefs.One study found that patients who received FAKE KNEE SURGERY did as well as people who got real surgery.This is f**king insane and we need more research. But what most people don’t realize is that the OPPOSITE can occurNegative thoughts can KILL YOU.This is called the nocebo effect.When youre afraid or anxious, your brain releases cortisol which down regulates your immune system and prepares your body for battleThe ancients all knew this“What we believe, we become.” — BuddhaYour beliefs ae filters that change how you see the worldAnd your biology changes based on them.Theres a reason your life isn’t changing.Its because you’re living in groundhogs say with the same exact trained beliefs every  single dayBefore I get too woo woo on you, how does this all work?Two new emerging scientific fields confirm this#1. Epigenetics
#2. Quantum physics.The latest research on epigenetics tells us that your genes aren’t fixed.You can change your genes. The environment a cell is in dramatically changes what the cell turns into.What is the environment of all your cells? Your blood. And how do you change that environment?  Thoughts and emotions. Through thoughts, your brain releases hormones and neurochemicals that affect every cell in your body.Thoughts change neurochemical composition of the blood which in turn changes the biology of your cellsMeditating can change your genes.Thoughts also change your energyThe new science of quantum mechanics confirms this. Quantum mechanics 101: What you think of as matter is really swirling energy.This is what Einsteins e=mc^2 means. That means that YOU are an electrical organism.In fact every cell in your body is a battery that produces an electrical charge of 1.4V. So your body has over 3 TRILLION VOLTS and is emitting these electrical signals and vibrations all the time.You’ve no doubt noticed this. This is where the concept of aura comes in. Everybody is constantly emitting energy and electromagnetic fields based on where their consciousness is.And you can FEEL THISAll organisms use vibrations to communicate Ever walk into a room with angry, self centered people? If your consciousness is higher than theirs you’ll pick this up immediately.It feels painful.Your body is an antenna that picks up other people’s frequenciesYour VIBE creates your TRIBE.Like attracts like.Low consciousness people attract low consciousness people. This is why all criminals end up together in jail and all drug addicts hang out on the same street corner.Whereas on the other hand, higher consciousness will magnetically attract people. When you feel good with somebody its because your vibes are in harmony.Thus if you’re always fearful, you can only attract other fearful people because you will only feel good around them.Love is harmony between peoples energy fieldsThe ability to change your vibration is the most powerful tool in the world. Psychologist David Hawkins was actually able to QUANTIFY your vibrational state.Through muscle testing, he could determine where you were on the consciousness scale. If you hold an angry thought and press down on your arm wen it’s extended, your arm will be weaker than if you hold a positive loving thought. This is wild. Your level of consciousness affects your strength.Your body is a manifestation of your mindSo this gets back to how to change your lifeYou change your life by changing your consciousness.
Higher levels of consciousness make you more magnetically attractive. A state of love releases hormones like oxytocin and vasopressin which make people like you more. Good vibes increase your energy. Bad vibes decrease your energy and repel people. This is why it’s so important to not let the world program you.Shut off the tv god damnit.You are the creator of your reality. Embrace and enjoy this.As you increase your level of consciousness, synchronicities and random coincidences will start happening more frequently.So frequently that you cannot ignore them.Things you never thought possible will just start happening.Life becomes easyBut the hard part is changing your consciousness in the first place.So how do you change your consciousness and start to manifest things? It all starts with diet and eating foods that supercharge your brain.My favorite these days is salmon roe…the orange pill. If you’re interested in getting early bird access to my brand new roe, check it out here.The rest of the red pill of how to break out of the matrix and reprogram your subconscious will come in part 2.Stay tuned.CA.