Jan 3, 2021

I feel that I have made my point with this blog, which has a pretty low readership. I thank my friends and family for their feedback.

I have lost faith in the nutritional field – remember, I started this with this search: “diet, vegan, MD”.

MY conclusion is that fatty meat should be the basis of the human diet – cows, sheep, buffalo, deer. If not allergic, some vegetables are OK; however, grains are bad for you and seed oils are killers. Fish is meat.

Along the way, I have come to feel there is no basis for believing in human caused climate change.

I have lost faith in the medical field. They believe whatever the drug reps push on them, apparently. And certainly, as a group have no interest in learning to prevent disease. They seem to be very good at managing it to their profit (along with the hospital companies.) Resolving problems and stopping meds seems to be a silly idea.

Society in general now seems to have taken the tack of doing what sounds good, instead of what works for the group. BLM, Antifa, and the whole Wuhan Virus thing have avoided reason. Thanks to Dr. Thomas Sowell for his basic insight and phraseology. I think universal basic income will be rammed down our throats, thus making my life time of hard work pointless.

Finally, I believe researchers now just follow money. They have no interest in actual facts and their consequences. This (repeated) image shows how I feel.