Jan 17, 2021

A hard workout, but feel better for it.  Note I gained one more rep on the bench press.   Changing routines, 2 body parts per day and more days off.  We shall see.

Bench Press 140-155-175-155-140 5-5-3(+1)-5-7 Dips 130-115 8-8 Flys 75-90 8-8 Hammer Incline Press Machine 90 9
Curl E-Z Bar 70 8 Dumbbell Curl 30 8 Reverse Curl 40 10 Knee raise 0 10


Noted another article which points the blame for modern problems on PUFAs from modern seed oil.  Apparently, when the mitochondria process the PUFAs, many free radicals are produced.  Free radicals are unstable and damage healthy cells.   And one cannot take enough Vitamin C to make up for it.  I also  note, that this opens the possibility of a healthy vegetarian diet.