Jan 24, 2021

Is this the ideal human build?

So, does this become the optimum workout?

Where do vanity and physical goals start to interfere with actual health?

and some discussion from Darwinian-Medicine.com, lifted from the site:

Finding the sweet spot

Both too little and too much physical activity, as measured against the genetically determined physical activity requirements of the organism in question, is detrimental in terms of its impact on health, reproductive function, and libido. This is true regardless of whether we’re talking about a bear, human, panda, or any other organism that can be said to be physically active.

Due to the rapid and profound changes in humans’ environment that have occurred over the past 10.000 years, and in particular the past couple of centuries, many contemporary people engage in less than optimal amounts of physical activity. Up until quite recently, all humans were physically active on a regular basis. Today, however, many of us spend the majority of our wakeful hours sitting on a chair, coach, or car seat, which isn’t necessarily surprising, seeing as we have evolved a tendency to avoid unnecessary exhaustion in order to save energy.

Here’s what a scientific review paper entitled Exercise and gene expression: physiological regulation of the human genome through physical activity has to say about this matter:

The current human genome was moulded and refined through generations of time. We propose that the basic framework for physiologic gene regulation was selected during an era of obligatory physical activity, as the survival of our Late Palaeolithic (50 000–10 000 BC) ancestors depended on hunting and gathering. A sedentary lifestyle in such an environment probably meant elimination of that individual organism. The phenotype of the present day Homo sapiens genome is much different from that of our ancient ancestors, primarily as a consequence of expressing evolutionarily programmed Late Palaeolithic genes in an environment that is predominantly sedentary. In this sense, our current genome is maladapted, resulting in abnormal gene expression, which in turn frequently manifests itself as clinically overt disease. (1)

Another, often overlooked, issue with respects to the physical activity patterns of modern humans has to do with excessive training. We are fairly flexible and adaptable with regards to how much and what type of physical activity we can safely perform. That said, the human body isn’t unbreakable. It’s well-equipped to deal with fairly high levels of low-moderate intensity activities such as walking; however, it doesn’t do so well when it’s subjected to a lot of intense exercise. High-intensity, high-volume training that is performed on a very frequent basis is detrimental with respects to its impact on health. Typically, it’s even more harmful than inadequate exercise. This is true regardless of whether we’re talking about bodybuilding-type training, endurance running, or any other activity that involves physical exhaustion.

Up one rep on the bench press…

Bench Press 140-155-175-155-140 5-5-4-5-5 Dips 125 11 Hammer Incline Press Machine 90 9 Dumbbell Curl 30 9
Curl E-Z Bar 70 8 Reverse Curl 45 8 Knee raise 0 10 Power Clean 75 3