Jun 27, 2021

Pulled directly from Amber O’Hearn’s online book. https://facultativecarnivore.com/facultative-carnivore/design-flaws/

Chapter 2: Design Flaws

There is a prevalent and arrogant notion that humans are outside of nature: that our bodies tend toward dysfunction, steadily succumbing to entropy; that our instincts are primitive and barbaric, and left to them we would suffer. According to this reasoning, we must leverage our clever, medical knowledge to hack our bodies into wellness by correcting imbalances with drugs and supplements, and codifying behaviour with rules we have devised. The truth is, the functioning of our bodies has been honed by millions of years of evolution, including the ability to resist damage (heal) from common assaults. Insofar as we are now afflicted with chronic diseases, this may reflect a mismatch between our modern environment and our evolved environment. One environmental factor with particularly high potential to affect our physical health is food. As such, many of our current medical issues may be largely the result of radical divergence from the food we evolved eating and relentless exposure to inappropriate, or even toxic food input.