Jul 1, 2021

This is the ProBoxX workout (not complete). For general fitness and functional strength, this MAY be perfect.

Warm Up  
Froggy warm up  
On Your Feet  
Roll on tubes  
Ball Routine  
Hand over Fist  
Curl Up 10
Maracas 10
Shoulder to Shoulder  
Bells Back 10
Kneel overhead rock  
Kneel overhead lift  
Kneel twist  
High on Torso  
Squat & Reach 10
On your Side  
Side Twist 5
Side Lift 5
On your Back  
Sword Pull 5
Arms Way  
Arm Circles 5
Swimmer 5
Bottoms Up  
Knee to chest  
Side to side  

Even if you believe in Covid-19, or maybe, especially if:

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