Sep 1, 2021

An MD with a different point of view:  (and I note Israel, one of the most vaccinated nations, is having a major outbreak of cases…)

“Are vaccines perpetuating the pandemic?”   — his whole site looks interesting.


“The emergent of the Delta variant was primarily caused by the overuse of imperfect vaccines. Those who have been vaccinated have a 13-fold increased risk for breakthrough infection with the Delta variant compared to those previously infected naturally. There is also worry that the Delta variant (through further mutations) is poised to acquire complete resistance to the original wild-type spike vaccines. 

All these facts are point towards a future man-made infinite pandemic cycle. Don’t understand? Well, let me explain.

As more people are vaccinated, more vaccine-resistant viruses will naturally emerge. Newer strains mean newer boosters. As more people get further vaccinated, more people will become unwell, further adding to the pandemic narrative…and repeat. More cases mean more lockdowns, more anti-’anti-vax’ propaganda and more lies told by the government. 

If this hold’s true, then we will see cases and deaths rising in nations mandating vaccines and a reduction in those symptomatically affected by the virus in other countries. In fact, in March 2021, it was estimated that almost half of Kenya’s adult population had evidence of past SARS-CoV-2 infection. Between March and June, 2% of the population were vaccinated against COVID-19 and the country experienced a third epidemic wave. 

Let’s see what the winter holds.

Boosters are dangerous.

At the moment we have no data whatsoever with regards to long term adverse health consequences and effectiveness of these vaccines and proposed boosters. We are playing with fire, and a lot of people are getting burnt. 

Boosters concern me for a handful of reasons, for one, we are exposing ourselves to repeated doses of different types of spike proteins (more specifically we are training our cells to build various spike proteins that would normally be produced by the virus), and spike proteins are toxic. Don’t let anyone else tell you differently.”

“Spike proteins have been shown to:

  • Cause vascular cell dysfunction.

  • Induce cell senescence – a process where cells stop dividing.

  • Interact with tumour suppressor proteins – p53 and BRCA.

  • Increases the expression of ACE2 receptors – which in turn has been shown to promote DNA damage and ageing.

  • Cause cardiac damage.

Boosters also increase the emergent of vaccine-eluding viral strains as well as increasing the risk of antibody-dependent enhancements (ADE) within the population. ADE occurs where suboptimal antibodies bind onto a virus and enhances its entry into host cells, replicating and causing worsened organ damage. 

The future is looking worryingly gloomy. “