2 Sep 2021

I have come to believe Covid is a real disease and serious problem, mostly for those with metabolic disorders (FAT!).  For the rest of the population it seems to be like the flu: annoying and occasionally pretty serious, but not so commonly serious.

Why then have humans approached it was superstition? – basically ignoring prior studies on epidemics and implementing things like masks which, have very little effect.

Note this:

“I am glad to see a second RCT on masks. The result is in line with the earlier Danish RCT, which showed very low efficacy in preventing covid, especially for cloth masks. Thanks to the authors for conducting the study!”

And look at Sweden with a graph showing the current problem:




Treatment options??

“The Tokyo Medical Association announced that it has recommended that all doctors begin treating COVID patients with ivermectin. Don’t expect to see this in the US. Big pharma/vaccine manufacturers and the Democrat media political machine are busy with the fear and death toll”