Mar 2, 2022

Some thoughts on plants and their “Healthy” chemical makeup. I do buy this MD’s products, and I will not cut the ad at the end.

Leafy greens are widely touted as superfoods…But we radically disagree with this statement! Because the leaves of plants are the most strongly defended parts…Full of defense chemicals to dissuade herbivores (or confused humans) from eating them…And whilst eating leafy greens is unlikely to kill you instantly, they CAN cause serious health issues…And definitely do more harm than good!
Oxalates can bind with calcium, which contributes to the formation of kidney stones… 
Tannins are known to be digestive enzyme inhibitors and shown to reduce the nutritional value of foods…
Phytic Acid can bind to essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, and calcium, making them less available for absorption…
Goitrogens are known to suppress the function of the thyroid, leading to slower metabolism and metabolic disturbances! 😧As far as nutrition goes, stick to the real superfoods… animal organs! 🐂Stay Radical!
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