Mar 8, 2022

I have continued to lift even at lighter weights, trying to regroup whatever fitness I can. Today I Deadlifted 195×4 (145-165-195-155).

I also am looking for the next step with my back. Is there a difference between a “physical therapist” and a “physio-therapist”. Feedback, anyone?

Dr. Saladino is one of those guys who seem outspoken and, very importantly, open to learning. I recently posted on of his critiques of veggies. I don’t think he categorically says green veggies are bad, but does point out that some of the things people rave about are actually defense mechanisms for plants.

It is thru Dr. Saladino that I learned about the Hadza people and the FACT that they are never in keto and they do eat honey – a lot. The Hadza do consume fair amounts of starchy vegetables, though they do hunt in the traditional way and eat lots of meat.

There seems to be a range of things humans can eat. We seem to need meat. AND seed oils from cottonseed to soybean oil seem to be poison. That leaves a lot of room, even with individual reactions to various foods.