Apr 6, 2022

Deadlift 65 6 Curl 50-55 10-8
Tricep stack 55-57-42 10_6_10 Dumbbell shrug 15 8

Treadmill: 0.77 miles 19 minutes


Dr Shawn Baker @SBakerMD

“A “balanced diet” is a construct of the food industry-it ensures that your diet quality will be relatively low! Most of the “balanced diet” foods don’t even grow on the same continent & would be impossible 200 years ago! Eat a bunch of meat, minimize junk-watch health improve!”

And WOW(!) this guy is a nutritional therapist..

Apollonas G. Kapsalis @apollokapsalis

A client 42, thought she entered early menopause because she did not have menstruation for 2 years. Doctors did not know the cause. Hormonally destroyed. She wanted to try Keto, so I decided to try ruminant animal meat + eggs + mussels. #Carnivore. Today she got her period back”