Apr 8, 2022

Bench Machine 100-115 8-hold Row Machine 75-80 8-8 Side Bend Pulldown 20-30-20 -8
Pushup   11            

Bret Scher, MD @bschermd “A new study again suggests that red meat isn’t associated with higher health risk once the researchers control for the “unhealthy user bias” that is prominent in nutrition observational studies. Here’s my take as to why this is important”

from Dr Paul Saladino email:

What is up truthseeker,

WHAT I FEAR MOST IS STAGNATION…calcification, fossilization… getting stuck within a dogmatic prison and no longer growing, learning and evolving…

This is why I will continue to question the mainstream medical paradigm and also my own ideas…I won’t become fossilized.

I also won’t always get everything right, but I will always seek truth and evolve. 💪

Over the years my thinking has evolved on a few things and stayed the same on many…

What’s the same? I continue to believe that organs and meat are the most precious foods for humans for the entirety of our evolution. They should be treasured, and not feared! 🙌🏼

I also continue to believe that vegetables (leaves, stems, roots, seeds [seeds,nuts,grains,legumes]) are NOT GOOD for humans! ⚠️

What’s evolved? I don’t think fruit and the fructose contained within it (within a whole food matrix) is harmful for humans at all. I also don’t think raw honey is harmful for humans!

I recently did a whole podcast on this topic which you can check out >>> here.

Many (including myself previously) conflate research with fructose in isolation with research looking at fructose in fruit/honey… 🤤

They show VERY different results… this is the danger of nutritional reductionism…

The fact is, adding back fruit significantly improved my health, but I continue to believe that organs and meat are the center of a human diet and how we thrive. This is how you will thrive as well.

I believe we should always be evolving.

We should always be learning, we should always be questioning our beliefs and seeking the truth.

Because the alternative is dogma, which only sacrifices curiosity and wisdom for the sake of consistency.

Always remain curious and seek the truth my friends!

Welcome to the remembering