Apr 9, 2022

Saw an interesting video ( https://twitter.com/i/status/1512458229674041347 ) It is a 1950’s interview with a man who studied and lived with the Inuit. The subject being diet. In it he describes eating fish, meat and fat. Yet the Inuit never go into Ketosis, as most other people will. Note along with that that no one has ever tested the meat-eating Hadza to be in Ketosis. Yet, a few people whom I follow on Twitter can only control their seizures by staying in Ketosis. A few, like Jordan Peterson’s daughter, control other problems by being strictly meat eaters. (at least, that is what they report.) And then take into account that “Carnivore Aurelius” says he is doing better after adding fruit back into his diet.

So the question becomes why did evolution stop the Inuit from being ketotic? Are there advantages just for a few?

Next question: what is NAD3? Is it a useful addition to one’s diet. It is discussed in Tony Robbins “Life Force”. I know it is related to vitamin B3. Wondering about other sources of info??

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