Apr 10, 2022

ASU and Yale professor, Jessica Thompson, PhD, gives an interesting YouTube video on human evolution and diet, especially emphasizing how our “huge” brain came into being: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSCV_XFcVPU

She talks about Lucy, homo species, evaluating tools, teeth, hands and the environment… and how the evaluation of things has changed. At the 14:00 mark, she asks a wonderful question: “Did we construct this story from the evidence we have? or did we construct this story because we really liked it?”

Bottom Line: human evolution was driven by access to a superior fuel source: fat.

Squat 0-45 7-7 Squat Machine 95 7 leg press 330 3- iso for 20 sec
leg extension 50 15 leg curl machine 50 12      
walk jog 0.84 20:30       Deadlift 65 7