Apr 17, 2022

A nutritionist discusses meats vs vegan diets and the science behind it. We have heard from Diana Rodgers before in her book “Sacred Cow.” Basically she points out that meat provides the fat, vitamins, minerals and proteins that we need much more efficiently than vegetable sources. https://www.globalfoodjustice.org/equity/lessmeatbettermeat?inf_contact_key=7aee772bc2cc4a3c68e8a070699b5374680f8914173f9191b1c0223e68310bb1

Love this quote from Twitter:

Robert Bradley Jones 

When Bill Gates takes his private jet from Seattle to New York and back, he burns enough fuel to supply our cattle operation for 6 months. In that same time frame, we produce enough beef for 800 Americans for the entire year. Hey elites, COWS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!


and love this from Dr Shawn Baker –– “Achol is a member of the Dinka, a Nilotic African tribe from the South Sudan- They are among the tallest people on earth… his preferred food is beef! (Note I’m 6’5”, 240lbs for reference)” Baker is on the left.

and since I am rambling: “Breaking: The fully vaccinated are seeing a significant rise in unexplainable heart attacks. In unrelated news, the unvaccinated are not.”


“Pfizer hired 1600 full time employees to process the massive number of mRNA stab adverse events. We wouldn’t know that, except it was a forced court ordered 55,000 page document release that they and the fda tried to hide for 75 years.”