May 5, 2022

I get some of “Carnivore Aurelius” things such as his email letter. Yesterday’s email has this as point #2, after emphasizing micronutrients.

   “Cut out all gut irritating foods. This is the largest source of inflammation and metabolic poisoning endotoxins in the diet. Watch how your gut reacts to everything you eat and ruthlessly remove anything that upsets it.”

This seems to be the real bottom line of “Paleo” & “Carnivore” dieting. It certainly has changed many things in my life. Cutting gluten out stopped my inhalant allergies, and stopping other things has affected my mood swings for the better.

A food log, along with notes on daily moods and feelings (and other things) has really convinced me of how much food affects us.

Also note, even main-stream nutrition people talk about the “micro-biome” which is directly affected by what you eat. They want to put supplements in you, while the “Paleo” group wants you to achieve the effect with diet. Who is right? I have chosen.

I have started a book on Mitochondria – wish me luck!