May 12, 2022

Benjamin Bikman   @BenBikmanPhD

The next book is “The Hunter-Gatherer Within: Health and the Natural Human Diet”  The authors are Kerry Brock, PhD who has a math and nutrition as related to health background, and George Diggs PhD, an evolutionary biologist, who has studied human evolution, cell biology and plant toxins. (I guess I am appealing to authority a little here.)

As I read the table of contents, I found myself drawn to the appendices.

#1 – Why do Experts often get it Wrong. They quote Upton Sinclair “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his  not understanding it.”  They then talk about “Data Cleansing”, small study size, cherry picking data, being paid for getting it wrong, as well as bias for other reasons.

#2 – variation, such as levels of celiac intolerance

#3 – the dramatic effects of the SAD on native peoples, as they get away from eating traditionally

#4 – Things Everyone Knows – such as a calorie is a calorie, or all sunlight is bad, or carbohydrates are essential.