May 13, 2022

A tweet to  @ProfTimNoakes @jordanbpeterson.   They are getting closer to the truths you already know.

“A Whole Transcriptome Analysis in Peripheral Blood Suggests That Energy Metabolism and Inflammation Are Involved in Major Depressive Disorder”
Conclusion: Our results suggested that the processes of energy metabolism and inflammation may be involved in the pathophysiology of MDD.”  from Frontiers in Psychology

In other words, “its the Mitochondria stupid” and that is directly dependent on what you eat!

I do not know Mike Stock, but this comment fits with what I have been able to find: Mike Stock@mikestockmusic

“Something odd happened. 2020, the year of the Virus, we had no excess mortality above the 20 year average. 2021, the year of the vaccine, we have excess mortality. Significantly above the average. Needs some explaining. Seems like the vaccine is more deadly than the virus.”